Our Team

Friendly.  Knowledgeable.  Efficient. These words describe our Rossville Family Dentistry team.  Our team is professionally trained and licensed with many hours completed each year dedicated to expanding knowledge and honing skills.  Each department works together as a team to ensure your comfort on every level.  Come meet our team and you will see what makes them so special.

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Business Office Team

  • Financial Coordinator

    • Began in dental field in 1986, has been with Rossville Family Dentistry since 1987.

    • Loves to spend time with family, life with the family now really
    changing as children getting older and starting their own families.

    • Loves to travel and see new places and likes also going back to familiar

  • Business Office

    • In the field of dentistry since 1987, with our practice since 2005.

Will make your day by helping behind the scenes.

Is passionate about Wii games and shopping the dollar stores.

Is interested in staying healthy and enjoying life.

    • Makes great fudge!


Hygiene team

  • Dental Hygienist




  • Assisting Coordinator

    • Began assisting in 1988, has made our practice better since 1992.

    • Spends her free time hunting and fishing with her husband.

    • Gets excited about traveling and doing mission work.

    • Travels to Haiti with Dr. Green.

    • If you need something organized, ask Kelly--she has done a great job with our annual food drive and our annual Oral Cancer Awareness Walk.

    • Hums Christmas music in July!